Welcome to my blog!

As of this first post, there is no real plan for what to write about, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out as I go. This avid reader, news junkie, rabid googler, and fact-checker is going to take a stab at op-ed blogging.
Some possible ideas for topics are:

  • daily grind pieces
  • Austrian news
  • US commentary
  • expat matters…

With a bit of effort, I might turn out to be decent at it and you’ll be interested in my take on things – whether they matter or are of little consequence!
This will be my pet project for 2018. My New Year’s resolution is to blog regulary, so I’m starting early to get ahead of the curve.
Please bear with me while I find my groove, hone my style and whittle down my subject matter. It won’t happen overnight, however, it WILL happen eventually; so give me the benefit of the doubt and come witness my growth as a writer while I bring you my distinct perspective on the unique issues I deal with on a daily basis as well as the stories that feed my thought processes.

Watch this space for my next blog post on…? (cliffhanger ending!)

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