Einträge von Kelley Prenninger

Elite Is As Elite Does?

Have you ever felt more desrving of something than someone else? Why would there ever be an exception to any rules because of your, personal extenuating circumstances? There wouldn’t be, UNLESS you can make yourself seen as elite and apart from the average, which (let’s face it) is probably just a matter of how financially […]

Good Intentions

With a birthday fast approaching, the time to contemplate my collected wisdom thus far might be ripe. However, instead of going through the catalogue of over-used pearls, I’d like to concentrate on one little gem in particular that only recently clicked with me. The saying goes like this: The road to hell is paved with […]

To Enroll, or Not To Enroll

The decision whether to sign up for an online learning platform, perhaps to pursue another degree, has been weighing on my mind for months. I’ve had a lot of time on my hands lately, and it seems a shame to waste a golden opportunity to expand my horizons and add to my resumé. Today, by […]

The Night Owl State of Mind

Recently I read that our state of mind is one of our greatest assets. The blogpost that it appeared in mostly discussed how perpetually distracted people tend to be nowadays and deep concentration is a rare skill to be treasured. Whereas I agree with the author’s premise when it comes to our personal choices on […]


When all you want for Christmas is a CLN

I cannot help myself when it comes this topic. It’s one of my triggers – meaning it triggers a flood of emotions and a cascade of choice words. American expats familiar with the US tax code, citizenship-based taxation, high compliance costs and FATCA will know exactly what I’m talking about. Especially the long-term expats, like […]

Hello World!

Welcome to my blog! As of this first post, there is no real plan for what to write about, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out as I go. This avid reader, news junkie, rabid googler, and fact-checker is going to take a stab at op-ed blogging. Some possible ideas for topics are: daily grind […]